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Summer Internship


Lawyer-ed is proud to launch its Summer Internship catered to high school and post-secondary students. This two-month opportunity will present students the opportunity to attain skills applicable within resumes, gain exposure in the business/legal industry, as well as immerse themselves within respectable companies and students across the world. This prestigious and exclusive program is foundational in the transition from high school to university, and beyond!


Over the course of two months, students will be working alongside the executive team, post-secondary school students, brand partners, and Lawyer-ed clients while building upon their social and analytical careers in the business and legal field. Students will be given the opportunity to make a real lasting impact on the organization and their career. 


The Summer Internship is proud to offer a broader range of opportunities to high school and university students who will, upon completion, be certified and accredited for their work within the business. SCROLL TO APPLY!

  • Client Acquisition

  • Conducting market research

  • Running due diligence + Drafting contracts and agreements

  • Interviews with Lawyers

  • Run and attend professional development workshops




  • 25 spots available.

  • Open to all High School and University Students. 

  • Candidates will be required to complete an application form [] and a 500-word statement of interest and submit it before our deadline.

  • Successful candidates will be called in for interviews. 

  • For financial assistance and accommodations, please send in a detailed statement and proof of employment along with your application (if applicable), telling us your personal situation and why you require accommodations.

  • Costs Involved (w/o financial assistance): $35 deposit; $65 fees; Total = $100 CAD

  • Costs Involved (with financial assistance): $35 deposit; $45 fees; Total = $80 CAD


  • Early Decision Round: May 15th 2023 -  May 31st 2023
  • Regular Decision Round:  June 1st - June 25th
  • Internship: July/August (2 months) [Exact dates to be provided]

*These are tentative dates and may be subject to change. Notice will be provided if changes are made

Submit your application form, statement of interest, and any supplementary letters (for financial accommodations or accessibility services):


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