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Lawyer-ed is uniquely positioned to market your brand to our Canadian, United Kingdom, and Australian demographics, across our social media and website, and at competitive prices. Our team of marketing strategists, graphic designers, and consultants are there with you at every step to ensure that your brand reaches the right people, in the most efficient amount of time! 

How We Help

Step 1:​ Submit a statement of intent including the following:

  1. General Information:

    1. The name of your organization

    2. When you were founded, and where

    3. A link to your organization's website/social media

    4. Contact Information (Name, Email, Phone Number)

  2. The organization's vision

  3. What you're looking to get out of advertising


Step 2: Our team will reach out to you to book an initial consultation and discuss pricing


Step 3: Following the consultation, we will advertise your organization

How It Works

  • Your organization must fit into one of the following:

    • Student startup 

    • Educational or law-oriented

    • Holds similar values/philosophy/business model as Lawyer-ed

  • No previous association with negative publicity (i.e. posting about controversial content

  • No legal claims or pending lawsuits  

  • The client's advertisement is subject to Lawyer-ed's approval



Interested? Submit your statement of intent to:

For general queries, pricing and more, write to:

Sania Pannu

Business Analyst

Ravneet Sandhu

Business Analyst