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Lawyer-ed allows students to express their views on the legal, political, and social issues today's society is facing. It enables aspiring lawyers to immerse themselves in a collaborative and supportive environment as they network with industry professionals, carry out their own research, partake in law events, and much more.

It is our goal to give students the greatest amount of exposure to the legal world possible and provide the support necessary as they embark on their legal journey!






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"Lawyer-ed has been a great experience, as it has allowed me the chance to meet and work with students from all over. It gave me the chance to help lead and plan events early on, which is an opportunity not many organizations can present so soon after joining their team"


"My mentor went above and beyond. She was prepared for each of our meetings and showed me continuous support this year. She also provided me with thorough feedback and showed interest/care in my life/education. I had a great experience with my mentor"


"Being a researcher for Lawyer-ed is more than sifting through articles for information. It’s learning new facts and facets of cases and taking on new perspectives and information when it comes to important topics that need to be discussed. Lawyer-ed had allowed me to be a huge support to the writers and gain a ton of relevant skills that every lawyer must have in their arsenal"

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