A World on the Brink of Hostilities: Striking a balance between International Law and International Politics

In light of current political events and global happenings, the world is fast moving on a brink of hostilities. Many political analysts predicted a looming World War III. There is therefore an urgent need for moderation of law and politics at the global scale. The kernel of this essay emphasises on the need for striking a balance between international law and international politics, especially considering the tempestuous yet temperate state of affairs around the world, as well as the changes brought by the current political events that are taking place. 

World Flags

Russian-Ukraine War: The Role of International Law

The long ‘fraternal squabble’ between two European neighbours cascaded into a global glare sooner than expected in the early hours of February 24, 2022, when Vladimir Putin’s Russia in the context of a ‘special military operation’ infiltrated the border of its sovereign neighbouring country, Ukraine. This brazen action has been described by many political analysts as an ‘unprovoked invasion’ of a sovereign country – Ukraine- which is Europe’s second largest country.

United Nations

Commercial Awareness Overview

In 2021 the UK fashion industry was worth £62.2 billion, however, recently the impact of the supply chain has led them to crisis. As well as congested ports and material shortages, some brands are still trying to navigate their way through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Regulating the Blood Gold and Conflict Mineral Trade

In January 2022, a massacre of over 200 people occurred in Zamfara State, Nigeria. It is arguable that if international and Nigerian national law had been more forcefully and transparently implemented, these murders may not have happened. As Interpol has warned, the closure of traditional revenue sources due to coronavirus prevention and containment policies has led to a global surge in illegal gold mining (Interpol 2020, 2021).

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What has the recent sexual assault review revealed about UK rape laws?

A recent governmental review into UK rape laws has revealed that convictions of rape or sexual assault have drastically dropped since their peak in 2016 to 2017, by up to half of earlier figures. Decreasing conviction rates are also not due to the pandemic alone, as the report indicates that convictions started becoming less frequent in 2018, and that the trend has only become exacerbated with time.

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Undertaking Internships - The Good and Bad News

The internship is a firm training process that allows a candidate to gain a real insight into the workplace. It enhances critical work skills and helps them make valuable work contacts that could come in handy in the future. Internships are usually considered to be the stepping stone to securing a job. However, results from a recent survey conducted by Graduate Advantage prove that internships create employment for graduates.

Young Vietnamese intern lawyer busy with work

Protecting Female Victims' Testimony: Cases of Sexual Assault

Testifying in court, I imagine, can feel a bit like a trial. This can be further exemplified by the adversarial structure and nature of the English legal system, in both criminal and civil cases, whereby two sides compete to tell opposing sides of a story. In theory, both sides have valid points of view, a right to make that case, and it is up to a judge or jury to decide the most robust case, provided all pre-trial options have been exhausted.


Should the courts consider coercive control when assessing the partial defences to murder?

In the context of current available partial defences, namely ‘Loss of self-Control (LOC)’ and ‘Diminished Responsibility (DR)’, ‘coercive control’ should not be considered because it would lead to inconsistencies within the law. Thus, the following essay seeks to discuss potential inconsistencies between coercive control and the partial defences (i.e., LOC and DR). In light of these inconsistencies, this essay will then suggest an urgent reform on partial defence.

Crime Scene Tape

Implications of the Texas abortion ban

Recently, the Texas court has passed a landmark anti-abortion bill, which renders abortion illegal after heart activity is detected in an embryo. This activity usually occurs at around six weeks, at which time pregnancy is not usually known by the parent. As the majority of abortions are carried out after this period, this legislation will greatly restrict a person’s ability to practically seek an abortion.

Judge and Gavel

Coronavirus as a hoax: Legal and logical responses: Pt. 2

Having previously discussed and tried to refute some of the common claims about Coronavirus and the associated vaccines, I came across something whilst researching that made me think and necessitated a follow-up to that post. Vaccine misinformation has definitely been harmful throughout this pandemic...

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We Should Kill Infants with 'Murderer Genes' - A Recent Controversy in China

Whether infants with ‘murderer genes’ should be killed has been a boiling debate for the past few years. Although science has proved its existence, no country is inclined to kill infants because this raises an ethical controversy. However, China was the first country that started hunting for children with ‘murderer genes’.

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Use of Mass Surveillance by the T**** Administration: Pt 2

Part One covered the background to the former President’s electronic surveillance of two Democrats, introduced the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 as the primary UK source of law on this, and covered two previous types of interception warrants. 

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Debating Whether Mass Surveillance is a Useful Tool or an Ethical Liability

Using mass surveillance (MS) as a terrorism prevention measure has become familiar over the years following 9/11, increasing the perceived need to protect national security. Although efforts such as the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (IPA) might have helped to ensure our rights in requiring high-level authorisation to use surveillance, the increased use of MS represents affronts to the right to privacy.

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Analysing the Catagate Case: Did Theresa May Have A Point?

Immigration continues to be a contentious topic in the UK, somewhat bewilderingly, given the government website and papers themselves have seen a steady decline in rates of immigration since the migrant crisis. So why is this issue still being presented to the public as a critical problem?

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Refunding Student Loans due to the Pandemic: Arguments For and Against

Students across the country have taken up a growing movement to refund student tuition for years affected by the pandemic, including the National Union of Students. Their primary argument is that tuition fees cover the cost of typical in-person lectures, seminars and accommodation.

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The Forth Pillar of Bluewashing: Corruption (Brought to you by Bona Fide Blogs)

Still, bribery and exploitation are utilised to ensure that a corporation stands out from its competitors by securing the best deals. Still, there are various ethical concerns due to the forcefulness of this act.

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The Third Pillar of Bluewashing: Environment (Brought to you by Bona Fide Blogs)

Many interventions have been in place, and the United Kingdom is taking further steps and plans to reduce the rate of climate change through corporations. However, many companies still carry out unethically misleading information that prevents and holds back ethical plans.

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The Second Pillar of Bluewashing: Labour (Brought to you by Bona Fide Blogs)

Over recent years, high profile labour rights scandals have occurred and caused an uproar to those interested in this imperfect area of employment rights but many still do not know the Western society is incorporated severely in the devastating cases that have affected workers throughout the years.

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The First Pillar of Bluewashing: Human Rights (Brought to you by Bona Fide Blogs)

Whilst a handful of corporations negatively affect their employees by tarnishing their rights, they mislead the public through a facade to cover their malicious actions that harm their reputation. These damaging concerns happen more often than expected in forms of discrimination and other areas protected by human rights.

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The Emergence of Cryptocurrency: A Brief Overview

While initially only a niche enthusiast hobby, Bitcoin did become more valuable. For instance, while one Bitcoin was worth $0.30 at the start of January 2011, by the end of 2013, one Bitcoin was worth $750. This rapid increase in value was primarily due to increased awareness of Bitcoin and the willingness of websites to accept the currency ever since the popularity of Bitcoin has increased.

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Should Euthanasia be Legalised in the UK?

Euthanasia is available to all competent adults who suffer from a 'grievous and irremediable condition.' Switzerland and Netherlands are most recognised for allowing euthanasia. In the Netherlands, 70% of euthanasia deaths are a result of cancer and 4% dementia. 

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Coronavirus as a Hoax: Legal and Logical Responses Pt. 1

It is not logical that the solution to a global crisis is to throw something together and hope for the best. On a purely resourceful level, that is an atrocious use of time and funding. Further, if your hope in beating a virus is to administer vaccines, creating one with many health concerns arising after use is a concrete way to impede national recovery.

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Implications of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bills

The government has claimed that the bill is a necessary update to the law and centers around tackling the issues caused by current protests. However, this claim is doubtful, given the contents of the bill. It proposes an additional charge of damaging statues that would hold a 10-year maximum sentence, among other measures.

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Macquarie Buys Majority Share in Southern Water

The company has been in the news more than once for breaking regulations protecting the environment from pollution. Investigations found that they had intentionally leaked sewage water into the sea to avoid financial penalties as well as the cost of upgrading its infrastructure. 

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No Jab, No Job

Care home workers have now received letters asking them to get double-jabbed by 11 November or terminate their employment. The care homes are already understaffed, and there are fears that mandatory vaccination will lead to a further lack of staff to work in care homes. Many issues surround mandatory immunisation. 

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The importance of the Rule of Law within the UK Constitution 

Since the start of the COVID-19, Parliament has always been using the excuse of 'emergency' to accelerate law implementations. For instance, The Coronavirus Act 2020 received Royal Assent after a fast-tracked procedure through both Houses. 

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How Fallible is DNA Testing

DNA testing can implicate innocent people, who are then wrongly convicted. Some may argue that such errors come from the humans testing for DNA rather than the methods used. While this argument is valid to an extent, the fact that such mistakes are very quickly made suggests that DNA testing should not be portrayed as entirely partisan evidence.  

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​T-Mobile: Are data leaks becoming a trend?

As software is updated it's important that its security is updated as well, as when it's not hackers find ways around them. Cybersecurity is therefore constantly adapting in order to remain up-to-date to prevent any changes in online security from creating room for a cyber attack. 

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Coronavirus: My Experience of Living on Campus V. At Home

For some, university will be their first true independent living experience, whilst others will have been doing most home tasks for a good few years. Even when it might appear you have little in common, the variety of people you can meet is, I would argue, one of the most unique parts of university life. 

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Moral panics and folk devils: how does society define deviance?

Some may argue that based on Cohen’s research, deviance, therefore, requires criminal consequences or some form of response by wider social institutions in order to be accepted as a social concept. However, this view is not necessarily correct, as deviance can merely require a lack of conformity to a group’s social norms. 

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Career spotlight: Junior Barrister

As a junior barrister, you will probably be expected to work long hours due to your workload. However, be wary of working to the point of exhaustion is detrimental for your own health and wellbeing. 

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Recent updates to Judicial Review and Law Society concerns

Ouster clauses have not traditionally been welcomed in UK courts. They must be strict and have a limited scope to be accepted as part of the legislation, per the Privacy International case. 

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Court of Appeal rules on post-office fraud case

Aside from the common difficulty of finding employment with a criminal conviction, many became bankrupt as a result of financial insecurity and suffered social stigma from negative media campaigns. 

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Should Prostituion be Legalized?

They argue that we have relaxed and enabled systematic stereotypical abuse by driving the practice underground, as there is no way to seek legal compensation for abuse suffered. This is only the case if the practice engaged in itself is illegal.

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Topographical Signs – Undiscovered Economic Potential 

The genuine advantage obtained from getting a Topographical Sign and partnering an item with it is that the item benefits from the great quality and notoriety. Appropriately, all items branded with the Geographical Sign, regardless of the trademark they may be exchanging beneath, will be anticipated to have the same quality, notoriety or another advantageous characteristic related to the place of geographic beginning. 

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So it did not come home - The Ugly.

Lord Wolfson said: “We know that domestic abuse goes up when there are big football matches and while we all want England to win we must remember those for whom ‘It’s Coming Home’ is a threat often accompanied by alcohol and violence.” 

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Women in Law

In the legal industry the idea of a ‘glass ceiling’ is often debated because meritocracy is highly valued, or so they say. Even though many solicitors are women, the fact that they cannot make it to senior positions is unfair. These statistics support the ‘glass ceiling’ metaphor, which suggests an invisible barrier that prevents women from rising beyond a certain level in the hierarchy.  

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Victim Suicides and the Criminal Law

While Smith detects ‘but for’ causation, he queries whether “suicide was within the range of responses which might have been expected from a victim of such conduct”, suggesting that the coroner had erred. This case is more succour to the idea that reactive suicide is ‘not always a NAI’, is nonetheless a dubious decision. 

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Hotspot Policing: Does it work? 

In an area where the interpretation of data will have a substantial impact on the behaviour of police forces, bias should be guarded against. However, human rights groups such as Liberty, have previously raised concerns that the data sets used merely serve to reinforce existing biases shown by the police. 


 Closing a Sexual Abuse Gap. Late. But It’s Closed 

Unfortunately, despite widespread condemnation, there has been a lesser response to public findings of misconduct by the Church than there should have been. With some perpetrators resigning from significant posts yet still living in roles of authority. 

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Brexit and Trade

Foreign policy, external security and defence cooperation are not covered by the agreement, as the UK did not want to discuss it. Therefore, there is no framework in place between the UK and the EU to coordinate joint responses to foreign policy challenges. 

Image by Kyle  Ryan

Mill and Fitzjames Stephens, Hart and Devlin; the Place of the Harm Principle

Mill’s argument is well known and has a broad ambit, arguing inter alia that for moral orthodoxy to impose its will on the heterodox is an act of hubris and a misuse of the democratic process. The coercive instruments of the state should thus be limited to what threatens society by harming its members.  


Everstuck? The boat that just kept blocking - what it means for global trade

The reliance on ships is mainly due to materials and products coming from China or going to the Asian region, with many of these goods being mainstream brands such as Apple or even car parts. The Evergiven prevented such ships from passing, costing what was estimated to be over £10 billion in trade a day.  

Image by Shaah Shahidh

The impact of COVID on cybercrime

The pandemic has provided indirect opportunities for cybercriminals as well. Due to the substantial increase in viewership for many streaming services such as Disney Plus or Netflix, many fake websites for these services have also been reported.  

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Do family courts deal with allegations of domestic violence effectively?

With 40% of child contact cases in Family Courts involving allegations of DV; it is vital that the magistrates and the judiciary reform the current court culture in order to afford DV cases the proper significance they deserve.  

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The Destruction of British Heritage: We Missed the Point

Bristol instead has kept the statue in its defaced and broken state. Not only that but the red and blue spray-paint still daubs its likeness. In this sense, they are not replacing history as many have promoted, but otherwise acknowledging and educating themselves on the matter in order to do better.  

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Will anything change in Myanmar?

The European Union, UK, and the US have all responded with sanctions on military officials. However, China blocked a United Nations Security Council statement condemning the coup, albeit backing calls for Ms. Suu Kyi’s release and a return to democratic norms.   

Image by Sven Scheuermeier

Can self-driving cars be held liable for road accidents?

The liability the driver possesses may vary depending on whether the self-driving car is owned or rented by the driver. This legislation heavily borrows from existing legislation concerning road accidents, which is unsurprising given that self-driving cars are still cars, despite their link to artificial intelligence.

Image by Evgeny Tchebotarev

Law in space: what legal jurisdiction exists on other planets?

Life as a worker on Mars would therefore be heavily influenced by the current political and legal climate of the supervising government, as well as the expectations of peace and protection of the environment outlined in the OST.  

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Law firm shorts - Clifford Chance: Who are they and what do they do?

Supposedly, the firm has a bee farm with its own beekeeper on sight! Furthermore, the firm promotes healthy eating through the giving of free fruit on both Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

Image by Damien TUPINIER

The new Domestic Abuse Act- is it enough? A personal perspective

Many abusers are so narcissistic that they truly care about no one but themselves. However, in the eyes of the law, as a parent they were given rights to see the children unless proven unfit.  

Image by Sydney Sims

Coronavirus and the Disaster of Fixed Penalty Notices

The Covid-19 regulations have changed 65 times so far since March 2020. So unsurprisingly the police have been unable to apply the law and its numerous revisions accurately, resulting in the high number of errors seen.  

Image by Josh Appel

Supreme Court Rules on Equal Pay Disputes in Asda Case

Issues on how ‘equal value’ of work is defined within the industry and how factors other than gender influence whether or not a particular role should be paid equally need to be discussed.  

Image by Mehrad Vosoughi

The Impact of Restorative Justice

The process itself is decidedly informal as it allows parties to enter into dialogue concerning the offence and how it affected them directly.  

Image by Javardh

Protests and why they may be about to change for good

The process itself is decidedly informal as it allows parties to enter into dialogue concerning the offence and how it affected them directly.  

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Holyrood Bills Referred to Supreme Court

The move has been a controversial one, with both Scottish Labour and the SNP outraged by the decision of Westminster. This shall surely fuel the devolution debate in the upcoming Scottish elections 

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The Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA)- is it turning ex-offenders back to crime?

In each case genuine attempts were made to legally restart life; only to find a rigid system with no provision for support or rehabilitation. This forced them into courses of action which were detrimental to both the individual concerned and the society. 

Image by Hasan Almasi

Case backlog in the Criminal Justice System

Certain proposed measures to increase witness testimony are currently being tested in the Criminal Justice System. Most notably the measure to increase the number of pre-recorded witness testimonies collected by the courts.  

Image by Christa Dodoo

Covid-19 Passports: are they harmful?

Individuals must be able to choose whether or not they are vaccinated. A mandatory Covid-status certificates program would therefore restrict the rights of people who have refused a Covid-19 vaccine.   

Image by Lukas

Should the government always follow the general will - A Covid-19 case study

Although the Government is rational, its head decision-maker is irrational. Politicians who were involved in big decisions throughout the Covid crisis exposed how irrational Boris Johnson is in decision-making (BBC News).  

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Law firm shorts - Linklaters: Who are they and what do they do?

The firm is well known for its aims to achieve diversity through its contextualised recruitment and programmes, including PRIME to find young achievers from non-represented backgrounds to train at their firm. Linklaters.  

Image by Timon Studler

Patel Aims to Restrict Protests with New Bill

Whilst the bill features some positive sections, such as reforms to ensure sports coaches who have sexual relationships with students under the age of 18 will be liable for sexual offence due to their position of trust, It also features bizarre reforms. 

Image by Dylan Gillis

Why is Amazon so Anti-Union?

The Act allows for last-minute, short-term law-making only when required and has a few key goals demonstrating this, mainly to create emergency laws and arrangements for local protection but, overall, to modernise old legislation.  

Image by Yender Gonzalez

Conflicting Human Rights and the Role of Domestic Courts

The legal basis of measures is a broad area and notably overlaps with more typical judicial functions, such as interpreting legislation. The role of domestic courts in this regard is somewhat more established as a judicial duty compared to the other aspects of human rights law.  

Image by Patrick Fore

Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and How it Affects us Today

The Act allows for last-minute, short-term law-making only when required and has a few key goals demonstrating this, mainly to create emergency laws and arrangements for local protection but, overall, to modernise old legislation.  

Image by Tyler Franta

Shamima Begum Loses Supreme Court Case

The Supreme Court’s unwillingness to allow courts to assess the Home Secretary’s assessments on the risk to national security forces us to ponder what rights we truly have and how safe those rights are if the judiciary cannot exercise scrutiny over assessing such risks  

Image by Bill Oxford

The Future of Digital Learning After Covid

Ultimately, in-person and online learning both have some inherent challenges to students, and one form of education will not suit the needs of every student, nor should we expect it to.  

Image by Sergey Zolkin

How will the New Solicitor's Exam affect Law Students?

It is impossible to fully understand the potential effects of the SQE, but this new course represents a different, more flexible approach to legal training. This approach may be reflected in the broader legal profession, and so it is essential for all law students to be informed on this matter.   

Image by Mikhail Pavstyuk

Uber Loses Workers Rights Case

Law cannot give Uber power to regulate whether legislation designed to protect workers could apply to its drivers - and indeed, employment law has long been explicit in the matter that you cannot simply contract out your rights.  

Image by Austin Distel

Supreme Court to Rule on Uber Case

The National Electoral Committee of the Labour party (NEC) does not seem to realise that conducting a U-turn on a move designed to help repair damage to the confidence in Labour by the public would not go down very well  

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Corbyn reinstated into the Labour Party

The National Electoral Committee of the Labour party (NEC) does not seem to realise that conducting a U-turn on a move designed to help repair damage to the confidence in Labour by the public would not go down very well  

Image by Kyle Glenn

EU & AstraZeneca Clash Over Vaccine Deal

Regardless of political allegiances and opinions on Brexit, the saga has not reflected well on the EU, with widespread criticism beyond the tabloid headlines about the EU allegedly stealing our vaccines.  

Image by Hakan Nural

The top 100 Graduate Employers of 2020/2021: Which law firms are included and why?

Careers in law firms are usually associated with high salaries attributed to the occasional long term working hours, which then induces chronic stress. Despite such concerns, various firms were featured in The Times’ Top 100 Graduate Employers Guide just last year.  

Image by Denys Nevozhai

Is an international or overseas firm the right choice for you?

It is important to remember that you can get involved in international firms at any point in a legal career and the practical possibility of transferring into different branches is not limited to early in your legal career.  

Image by Artur Tumasjan

Different Types of Statues and Icons

Is the destruction of statues equivalent to the destruction of the English heritage? When taken quite literally? Yes. Nevertheless, should statues of legitimate racists be preserved for public viewing? No.  

Image by Andrew Neel

The Implication of COVID and Lockdown on Human Rights and Liberty

Without checks from the legislature, we lose our ability to hold our institutions to account, as the voting mechanism is our only real accountability measure - and without the ability of elected MP’s to review such measures, we undermine democracy in our nation. 

Image by Jakayla Toney

Foundational Modules of a Law Degree

Learning these modules and doing your utmost best in all of them demonstrates your understanding of the many different ways the law presents itself, an important aspect to keep in mind for anyone wishing to pursue a career in law. 

Image by The Climate Reality Project

‘Activist’ and ‘Lefty’ Lawyers: Politics at the Bar

While it could be argued that the overall judgment has political implications, ultimately, a lawyer’s political inclination will have little to no bearing on their ability to perform their job adequately. 

Image by Marius Oprea

Career Spotlight: Junior Barrister

The profession of a junior barrister is one with many available opportunities, such as traveling multiple countries, career progression, and engaging with people and cases from many walks of life.  

Image by Marten Bjork

Efficiency or Correctness: Can the Crown Achieve Both?

Whilst the fall in the level of crimes might have eased pressure on the CPS, a recent report has shown that it might not be the case, as the CPS is still relatively inefficient in quick prosecutions.  

Image by Bill Oxford

Joint Enterprise

Reform to the doctrine of joint enterprise is clearly necessary as it appears unfit for purpose, and changes must be implemented promptly to prevent further miscarriages of justice. 

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

Work at the Citizens Advice Bureau

Law school can be stressful especially when you want to gain experience but cannot find the right places to work. In the UK, the best experience you can gain is at the Citizens Advice Bureau 

Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

Commercial Awareness: Is it important for a career in law?

Commercial awareness is an important attribute and can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful applications. This may seem unfair, but firms put a lot of resources into training trainees who want those who understand the business market. 

Image by Ruthson Zimmerman

Environmental protections: can legal measures help stop climate change?

‘Litigation is not the answer’ to all environmental disputes, but the fact that decisions for the protection of the environment and cleaner business practices are now enshrined in law is a good sign wider attitudes are shifting on the matter of climate change.  

Image by Luis Poletti

Should A Child Be Permitted Direct Contact With A Previously Abusive Parent?

Under the welfare principle, it dictates that the child’s welfare is the most significant factor in the courts deciding whether to order contact between children and their parents, abusive or otherwise.  

Image by M.

Accountability for Social Media Companies in the Digital Era

Social media companies will only change under pressure, and with the worldwide focus on social media companies and their responsibilities, there is an excellent opportunity to challenge and enact real regulatory change to their platforms. 

Image by Austin Distel

Inquest to Examine Whether Air Pollution Killed London Schoolgirl

The government has just told the House of Commons Justice Select Committee that the ‘justice system is showing good signs of recovery’ after a ‘record investment. Count your chickens after they hatch government, because the criminal bar association doesn’t quite see it the same way.  

Image by Kouji Tsuru

The Little Things That Can Help With Success in a Law Degree

Law degrees are renowned for how ruthless they can be. Late nights, coffee dependent students and many hours spent reading. It may be a hard degree, however, there are small habits and pieces of advice a person can take on to make life just a little bit easier.  

Image by Clarisse Meyer

The Impact of Coronavirus on the Legal Profession

The government has just told the House of Commons Justice Select Committee that the ‘justice system is showing good signs of recovery’ after a ‘record investment. Count your chickens after they hatch government, because the criminal bar association doesn’t quite see it the same way.  

Image by David Veksler

Miller and Brexit: Legal & Political Sides

Albeit the courts clearly trying to demonstrate this prior to the Supreme court hearing, the use of such a newspaper title caused the judges to fear personal security, something which should not occur in a modern-day society.  

Image by Reagan Freeman

Government faces Legal Action over PPE Procurement

An investigation by the National Audit Office has shown that only one in four contracts awarded up to July were published within 90 days. How can we be sure that our Government is not partaking in cronyism and corruption if they won’t even release details of contracts purchased with our money?  

Image by H Shaw

COVID-19 and the UK Criminal Justice System

Cases are still being heard, but doing so securely and fairly takes significantly more time than usual. It is the responsibility of the Government to ensure that any measures implemented in the criminal justice system are not only efficient but practical and fair.  

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China Expands its Uighur Detention Camps

The government detained Uighurs Muslims for re-education purposes and has constantly been accused of torturing and causing systematic sterilization of Uyghurs Muslim women to reduce the population numbers. 

Red Doors

Getting the Most of Online Legal Work Experience

Though the experience will undoubtedly be different than many expect, there are still ways to get the most out of whatever work experience or volunteering placement you can find.  

Image by Sigmund

What Can I Not Consent To? R v Brown [1994] Reviewed

Despite being upheld, the implications of Brown and other case law in this area are deeply flawed and problematic, the case of Brown and its subsequent cases are clearly circumstancing that likely would not have been in Parliament's consideration. 

Image by Chris Brignola

Differences between Types of Law Firms

As an aspiring solicitor, it is likely that you heard of different terms used to classify law firms. For example, magic circle, silver circle, and boutique firms. However, what are the key differences?  

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

Tips on Researching Law Firms

To perform well during the application process of a vacation scheme, for example, it is crucial to do your homework on the firm. You need to find out their values, what they stand for, and what makes them stand out. Here are some tips to get started  

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

2020's Wildlife Conservation Efforts So Far: The Highs and Lows

The law is, after all, a reactionary body. The most important step for change in this field of legislation is raising awareness and pushing for legal protections so that conservationists can continue to develop programs that push animals back from the brink.  

Image by Jonny Clow

Invest in rural women

"Restrictive social norms and gender stereotypes” have limited their ability as rural women to access health care services, as emphasized by the UN chief who also added that these women suffer from misinformation being spread and isolation.  

Image by Clay Banks

Lancaster University Extortion Racket

The government has made students return to university rather than permitting or ordering us all to stay at home. There will be a shortfall in funding that needs to be recouped somehow, but using others’ suffering as a springboard to cushion those losses should not be the way to go about this.  

Image by Jp Valery

Modern Cybercrime and Law

Cybercrime may be hard to understand from an outside perspective, and can be a very technical field, but will always have the potential for growth and is a lot more accessible than many think  

Image by Markus Spiske

Face Masks: Safety Net or Social Inhibitor? 

Coronavirus has impacted us severely, so I entirely understand not wanting student life to be impacted more than it is already. But our actions don’t stop affecting those around us, and for the safety of our peers and the country, more precautions should be taken.  

Image by Mika Baumeister

Tips for Remote Learning

We live in a time of uncertainty. The pandemic has taught us many things, but no one has been prepared for remote learning. It is important to focus on your mental health and well. Studying is important, but you will only be successful if you’re mentally happy and well.  

Image by Domenico Loia

Working in-house vs private practice

Students who are interested in commercial/ corporate mainly discuss about becoming a solicitor and working at a law firm (private practice). However, there are a number of other positions for students  

Image by Charles Forerunner

Textbook resources for Law Students

While the digital availability of legal material makes information and resources a lot more accessible for some, other students may find a physical textbook more useful. As sharing textbooks may no longer be an option for some due to the current pandemic, there are other ways. 

Image by Mikhail Pavstyuk

Universities, the New Lockdown and Students

Although the scope of testing is said to be enough for all students, nobody knows with certainty if or how this testing will be achieved. Students should email their university to ask about the current plan for testing. 

Image by Yasmina H

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