The Falling Crown: Australian Republicism 

 There is little wonder why Australia was part of the British Empire, given our colonial history. However, for a strong, independent nation like Australia with its own national identity to still be a part of an institution with such incompatible ideals is holding Australia back to its colonial past. 


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Declaring Dividends: Doing My Tax Returns the Right Way

 With many Australians having their active income reduced or endangered, passive income is an important alternative to consider. Popular for its accessibility, consistency, and undemanding capital requirements, investing in shares and earning dividends on them is a common form of passive income.  


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Retribution vs Rehabilitation System of Justice for Criminal Offenders 

 Debates on the effectiveness of both of these systems have been prevalent for many years, with some scholars arguing that the main purpose that the justice system serves is to punish the offender so as to deter them from re-offending.  


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Illness Narrative

 Illnesses come with certain pre-attached notions, some illness you can share and be treated for without people shaming you whereas certain illnesses like AIDS, STD's and genital issues come with stigma in the society, so much so people prefer not talking about them, and live in distress of that illness. 


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COVID-19 and the Rise of Family Violence in Australia 

 The United Nations reaffirms this view in their 2020 statement that pandemic restrictions imposed worldwide led to a ‘shadow pandemic” of violence against women and girls in the home. This points to a pattern of social isolation, in which increasing vulnerability and restricted access to support services lead to an increase in domestic violence.  


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Jurisdictional error in a nutshell: explaining an enigmatic creature of Administrative Law

 Substantively, jurisdictional errors could hardly be said to add anything conceptually new to the decision reviewing practice. It is not a separate ground of review. However, neither is it redundant. Jurisdictional error is an important preventive mechanism against the potential parliamentary intent to oust any ADJR-enabled review avenue.  


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Supporting Australian Businesses: Insolvency in a time of crisis

 In response to the pandemic, governments around the world have adopted different methods to mitigate the associated risks, with Australia responding by triggering the most significant reform to Australia’s corporate insolvency regime in almost 30 years 


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History and Evolution of Vicarious Liability 

Historically, the majority of cases that carried a claim for vicarious liability were untenable due to the reality that an employer does not generally employ a person to carry out crimes or be dishonest. Nonetheless, it has been argued that if a master has given orders to their servant, then they are in part responsible for any actions that are carried out on their behalf.


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The Clemency Process in Malaysia - A Retentionist of Capital Punishment

That successful attempt never came despite multiple efforts from Australia’s then-Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and Bill Hayden, alongside Barbara herself, to make an appeal for clemency to the Malaysia government. Barlow and Chamber were hanged together in Pudu Prison on 7 July 1986. 


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 Policing Powers : Use of Excessive Force 

There is a need to establish proper grounds for reasonable use of force as the current rule allows police to bend the situation according to their convenience, or use excuses like the person was trying to attack, run or resist arrest. 


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Moving the Australian Project Forward: Indigenous Recognition in the Australian Constitution

Many existing laws that benefit indigenous people, such as native title, are only valid because they fall within parliament’s legislative powers by virtue of s 51(xxiv). Therefore, deleting the races power would invalidate all of these laws. 


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Animal Rights vs Human Benefits

Plants and trees are able to perceive sunlight and a lot of them move towards it. Another example of the same is the touch me not plants whose leaves tend to close up when touched. All these examples clearly demonstrate the plants are sentient beings too and therefore should have rights as well which in reality is almost impossible to achieve.


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Defamation: A Dichotomic Set of Scales

  In Australia, it is arguable that the protection of personal reputation has long been outweighing freedom of expression, resulting in Australia being branded as the defamation capital of the world. This is reinforced by the fact that Australians experience twice the amount of defamation litigation than our UK counterparts.


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Does the Jury System work Fairly in Every Case?  

  There are no requirements in terms of educational qualifications before someone can be selected as a part of the jury, thus proving a barrier for the less-educated to understand expert witness testimony which involve scientific terms and evidence. Seldomly is expert evidence presented in a way that can be understood and comprehended by the layperson.



The Criminal Law Condundrum of a Public Rape Accusation

When anything plays out in the public arena, especially in the age of social media when practically anyone can offer an opinion, the job of the magistrate or the jury of analysing evidence and making a determination of guilt or innocence is replaced by myriads of differing judgements that sometimes do not take into consideration the facts and any piece of evidence available. 


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The #MeToo Movement and Australia’s Defamation Laws

  It was argued that this sexual harassment not only undermined a woman’s authority in a workplace but also reinforced sexual stereotypes along with reducing their image to a mere sexual object. The #Metoo movement was a crucial tipping point in history which began as a Hollywood sexual assault scandal and soon transformed into a public reckoning across the globe.


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Coming Soon to a Courtroom Near You: Hollywood Shows Reinvent the Law

  There isn't anything in the books that says this non-lawyer can just take over this case, notwithstanding the lack of objection from the opposing counsel, and the enthusiasm of the person this girl is going to represent.


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Assisted Suicide and its Reality

Arguments for and against voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide have continued to persist controversially in the public, medical and justice sectors. However, the actual possibility of it being decriminalized seems very limited as a result of the differing views in parliament. 

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The Legal Complexities in Regulating White-Collar Crimes

When it comes to public corporations, there is a total absence of piercing due to the economic benefits for the market by the limited liability corporations. Courts tend to hold a strong reluctance towards piercing the corporate veil and only do so when serious misconduct has occurred. 

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Scandalising the Court: Contempt of Court and Free Speech in Australia

Whilst the law on contempt is still imprecise, punishing contempt in the face of the court, sub judice contempt, and disobedience contempt is easier to appreciate as regards the administration of justice. 

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Assisted Suicide and its Legality

Arguments for and against voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide have continued to persist controversially in the public, medical and justice sectors. However, the actual possibility of it being decriminalized seems very limited as a result of the differing views in parliament. 

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The Business of Intimacy: Regulating Sex Work in Australia

What would a law decriminalizing prostitution and openly giving sex workers more rights mean to her? I asked Annie. “I still won’t come out as a prostitute,” she admitted, “but it would be good to receive some favors from the government sometimes.”

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Media and the Courtroom: What are its Impacts on the Trial and the Jury?

There have been instances of ‘stealth jurors’ where they purposely seek a seat on a specific cases’ jury in order to either incarcerate someone, they believe is guilty, benefit from the publicity (financially or otherwise), or simply gain some screen time from the media.

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Social Media Under Attack: The Law on Sharing of Abhorrent Violent Material

The internet has always been an easy target due to its sheer iniquitousness. Since the internet is a vague entity, it needs to be personified in the minds of some people, the apparent targets then are the huge personalities that comprise this seemingly unlimited network. 

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Regulating Online Harassment and Abuse 

Despite the progress headed towards the right direction, substantial policy gaps - due to the pace at which online harassment is expanding - is still giving way to multiple perpetrators and offenders slipping away through the cracks. 

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The Law Against Racial Hatred: Fighting Asian Hate in the Age of COVID-19

Australia has the weight of its racist history to either blame or learn from when it comes to overcoming what some believe to be a predisposition to racism and to a sense of white superiority.

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Insanity defense – A loophole for criminals?

One huge advantage of the insanity defense is that the accused could avoid a death sentence even if he were proven guilty. In the context of crime, the sentence can be very lenient as compared with an accused who is proven to be guilty but is not proven insane.

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Drug Cryptomarkets: Their Unforeseeable Benefits to Society

The virtualization of drug deals and trading provides users with reviews, information, and ratings allowing them to practice drug use more safely than their conventional ‘offline’ counterpart. The free market structure of the darknet has helped users to filter through and maintain a level of quality control.

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The Criminal Law Conundrum of a Public Rape Accusation

Does pre-empting a foreseeable eventuality afford Mr. Porter the right of being presumed innocent of this offence? In many sectors, especially where emotions are heightened and in view of the other rape and sexual assault allegations coming out at this time, it seems that it does not.

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Juries: A Necessity or Burden?

There are no requirements in terms of educational qualifications for a jury member, thus proving to be a barrier for the less-educated to understand scientific terms and evidence. Seldom is expert evidence presented in a way that can be understood and comprehended by the layperson.

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Can Law be used to Repress Individuals?

The Law does not always protect individuals and end in gainful social advancement but contrastingly can be used to repress individuals and limit their rights in some instances. 

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Bodily Autonomy vs Public Health 

What should we, as a society, prioritize? Public health? Or bodily

autonomy? Is it fair to those who consent to the vaccine to live in a world where covid still exists because of those who refuse to get vaccinated?

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Clean Slate for Teen Murderers?

On one hand, victims of crime feel wronged, and feel as if the legislation favours criminals. On the other hand, the government believes that the legislation will work in favour of rehabilitating youngoffenders and preventing a life of crime.

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