CV Builder


To help students gain feedback and pointers specific to their CV. Often free CV builder tools use computer checks and no one actually reads it. Also, feedback can be generic and not very helpful especially for CVs that have been tailored to suit a specific field. While our primary focus will be helping those with legal CVs, however, we can also give feedback on all types of CVs. 


How It Works

Students can submit their CVs by directly emailing us. Your CV must be accompanied by a short statement of what roles you are aiming for. Each CV would be proofread, and feedback would be given. Once the review is complete, it will be emailed back to the student. Following this, our mentors may call or email you to discuss the same.

  • Your CV must include contact details

  • A statement of what roles you are applying for. 

  • Availability i.e. when you are able to receive calls.

To Participate


  • We are not professionals.

  • Should you fail to pick up after 2 calls (during available hours), you will not be called again.

  • You can look into sign up for our mentoring program if you want more help and feedback after this review.

  • Please note there may be some delay in getting feedback as there are a limited number of mentors. 

Key Contacts

Please direct your questions to:

Khadijah Suleman

Vice President, Lawyer-ed UK