The service is designed to provide consulting to startups and student-led enterprises. Lawyer-ed's team of 90+ dedicated students across our Canadian, United Kingdom, and Australian branches, come from a diverse range of academic backgrounds, all specializing in research, to curate the consultation we provide to you to match your specific needs, no matter what they are. We want to be your go-to consultants. The first people you call, if you will for all things law and business. How do we go about this? By ensuring we offer competitive prices and exceptional quality work, always. A Lawyer-ed guarantee! 

Stage 1: The process is simple. Submit a project proposal to our team for review (find the template below). We will then reach out and book an hour-long initial consultation session. This is priced at $50 CAD and is to be paid prior to the consultation. Following this, Lawyer-ed will assess your specific requirements, allocate subject matter experts, provide timelines and cost structures. 

Stage 2: Once we have the nuances sorted on our end, our project team, comprimised of a team lead and 4-8 consultants will provide the personalized and dedicated service you're looking for. Lawyer-ed prides itself on open communication, transparency and enagegement. Through frequent meetings and checkpoints, you are guaranteed to be kept in the loop of what's going on at all times. 


Stage 3: ​Lastly, our work concludes with an extensively researched consultation summary that not only presents the three best options, but also our top recommendation and why. 

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